About Jon

Jon Husted is the Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Ohio. Announced as Mike DeWine’s running mate on November 30, 2017, Husted is currently serving his second term as the Ohio Secretary of State where he has modernized the way Ohioans start and maintain businesses, reduced fees and now runs his office without taxpayer dollars entirely.

He previously served as the 99th Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and as the Vice President for Economic Development at the Dayton-area Chamber of Commerce.

Faith, Family, and Hard Work

Jon started his life in a foster home and was adopted by his loving parents, Jim and Judy. He is the oldest of three children and was raised in Northwest Ohio’s Williams County. The small community instilled in him the importance of faith, family, and hard work that serve as the foundation of his public service. He graduated from Montpelier High School and earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Dayton (UD).

While at UD, Jon was an All-American Defensive Back for the Dayton Flyers and a member of the 1989 Division III National Championship Football Team. Of all his responsibilities, Jon considers his most important role as that of to be a loving husband to his wife Tina, and father to Alex, Katie and Kylie.

A record of success

Throughout his time in elected office, Jon has demonstrated repeatedly his ability to get things done that have a positive impact on Ohio and its residents.

As Secretary of State, Jon has made it his mission to make Ohio the best state in the Midwest to do business by improving customer services and reducing wait times for entrepreneurs. Under his leadership, the state has moved beyond week-long processing of paper forms and made it possible for businesses to interact with the state over the internet with the click of a button. He has also reduced the cost for starting a business in Ohio by 21 percent — making Ohio the least costly state in the Midwest to start and maintain a new business.

In 2017, Husted announced the efficiencies in his office had not only allowed him to cut the fees the state charged on Ohio entrepreneurs, but also eliminate the need for taxpayer funding for the government office entirely for the remainder of his term in office – a move that has saved taxpayers millions of dollars.

This record of cutting cost and saving money to Ohio’s taxpayers is nothing new. As House Speaker, Jon led the passage of the most conservative state budget in 40 years, which included at the time, the largest income tax cut in Ohio’s history.

An experienced leader

Jon was first elected Secretary of State in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 by a margin of 24 points when he won 86 of Ohio’s 88 counties. Prior to his public service, Jon worked with the Dayton-Area Chamber of Commerce and served as its vice president for economic development. He was later elected to the Ohio House of Representatives where his Republican colleagues twice selected him to serve as Speaker of the House.

A vision for the future

To ensure that Ohio is a place where people want to live, work, and raise a family for years to come, Jon is working to secure a brighter future through innovative reforms. As lieutenant governor, he will lead the effort to implement an aggressive plan to make state government a leader in technology to improve customer service, save tax dollars, and drive investment as the DeWine-Husted Administration works to make Ohio a state that attracts talent, business, and new investment.