• As promised, Attorney General DeWine has decreased the turn-around times for DNA analysis at the Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation.  Turn-around times now average around 22 days, down from a high of about 125 days when DeWine took office in January 2011–in special cases, cases can be turned around in 24 hours.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine pushed to test thousands of rape kits that had been sitting on police department shelves for decades. As a result, more than 209 people have been charged with sex crimes so far and police have identified more than 40 serial rapists from the results.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine is aggressively working on Ohio’s heroin and prescription drug abuse problem. Mike has shut down “pill mills” around the state and created a heroin unit within the office to combat the deadly effects of heroin. The unit’s work has led to more than 125 people around the state charged with crimes like trafficking and possession of heroin and other drugs. Mike also hired people in his office to work directly with communities on the grassroots level to implement local drug abuse prevention efforts.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine launched an elder abuse initiative to pursue criminals who target some of the most vulnerable members of our society.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine created a Crimes Against Children Unit in his office to go after sexual predators who file-share child pornography, prey on our children, and commit the worst of crimes.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine is working aggressively with local law enforcement to go after human trafficking and put those who force women and children into prostitution behind bars.


  • Attorney General Mike DeWine is helping Ohioans who have experienced difficulties with the national credit reporting agencies.  He created a new identity theft unit in his office that helps Ohioans work through the troubles caused by identity theft.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine created an economic crimes unit within the office to go after scammers and con artists who rip off Ohioans, especially those who target seniors. So far, more than 112 people have been charged with felonies and the unit has shut down some huge scams in Ohio.


  • Attorney General Mike DeWine has taken a leadership role in promoting school safety and working with partners across state government to help educators prepare for all types of school emergencies.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) offered the first ever Active Shooter Response Training for Educators across Ohio.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine conducted numerous Child Safety Summits statewide to discuss improvements to Ohio’s foster care system. Mike’s office committed $3 million in non-taxpayer funding to help meet these goals.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine started the Badges for Baseball program in Ohio with the Cal Ripken Foundation. The program is a juvenile crime prevention initiative taught by law enforcement to kids from underserved areas around the state.


  • On his first day in office, Attorney General DeWine authorized Ohio to join the states’ lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare.


  • Attorney General Mike DeWine created the $75 million Moving Ohio Forward grant program — using non-taxpayer dollars — to help combat neighborhood blight by removing abandoned homes and businesses that diminished property values and served as magnets for crime.
  • Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office helped expand crucial sexual assault services to victims of crime in 13 rural Ohio counties.  Mike’s office is working with more communities to further expand those services, with the goal of making sure that each county in Ohio can provide necessary services to victims.

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