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DeWine makes children, future a priority

I am glad that candidate Mike DeWine for governor in the November election realizes how important our children are to our future. As a retired teacher, every day I saw the different backgrounds my students came from and how their backgrounds affected their performance at school. DeWine sees the end for students to have age appropriate drug prevention, K-12, where they can encouraged to make positive decisions that will keep them on the right track to reach their potential.

More and more students have experienced adverse experiences at home and need help both talking about it and deal with. DeWine’s belief that every school needs access to a mental health professional will help both now and in the future. Both of these policies need to be available to all schools so that Ohio’s children can make positive choices for their future, regardless of their background or whatever they are experiencing at home. We can make a difference for our future by supporting our children today.

Mary Ellen Lawrentz

This guest column appeared in the August 5, 2018 edition of the Mansfield Journal. Read it there by clicking here.