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DeWine: Plan would improve health, reduce costs

By Kate Snyder | Staff Writer, Toledo Blade
August 7, 2018

Ohio Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine on Tuesday announced a plan to reduce health-care costs for state employees and individuals on Ohio’s Medicaid expansion through a program designed to improve individuals’ overall health.

The plan is modeled after a Cleveland Clinic program, “Rewards for Healthy Choices,” which allows the hospital’s employees to save money on health care if they meet certain health benchmarks, a release from Mr. DeWine’s campaign stated. In the past three years, the program has saved the Cleveland Clinic and its employees more than $500 million in health care expenses.

“We have to be bold if we are serious about getting people healthier and saving Ohioans’ hard-earned tax dollars to build a better, stronger health care system in this state,” Mr. DeWine said in a statement.

Joshua Eck, campaign spokesman, said Mr. DeWine plans to implement the program for state government employees and adults in the Medicaid expansion population.

In the Cleveland Clinic program, benchmarks include achieving normal blood pressure, healthy body mass index, obtaining a primary care physician, and promoting smoking cessation, the release stated. Mr. Eck said that, under Mr. DeWine’s plan, individuals would need to show they meet the benchmarks to qualify for any savings.

“It’s not just checking a box,” he said. “You have to improve your health.”

The specific financial incentives that individuals would qualify for have not yet been determined, Mr. Eck said.

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