Election Night Remarks of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine


First, I want to introduce and thank my bride of 47 years, Frances.  Fran traveled to all 88 counties. She is undoubtedly the best campaigner in our family!

Joined with us on stage are our children and their spouses and almost all of our 20 grandchildren.  You may have seen some of them out on the campaign trail at parades, festivals, and even on a commercial!

Our youngest daughter Anna and oldest granddaughter Izzy spent all summer on the campaign and came back from college for the final 96 hour push!

Thank you to everyone who is here tonight and everyone across the state who gave money or held fundraisers or volunteered at parades and festivals.  Thanks to all of you, we had a great ground game that never stopped until the polls closed just a short time ago.

Thank you to my campaign team.  You did a great job, and I am grateful.

And, thank you to my team in the Attorney General’s office.  They have worked with me to compile a really great record.

When I became your Attorney General, I took an oath to seek truth and to seek justice and to protect Ohio families.  I have worked every day to uphold that oath.

I promised that we would fight against the federal government over-reaching into our lives.

And we have done that!

I promised that I would take action against public wrong-doing and corruption and uphold the rule of law.

And we have done that!

And, I promised that I would dramatically reduce the time it takes the state’s crime lab, BCI, to test DNA evidence so we can catch more criminals and put them behind bars.

And we have done exactly that!

We also created a Crimes Against Children Unit that has hunted down child predators. We created an Economic Crimes Unit that has prosecuted scam artists and cons who prey on the most vulnerable, especially the elderly.

We created a Heroin Unit that has fought back against drug cartels and drug dealers, and we have been working hand-in-hand with communities to come up with local solutions to help end the drug abuse epidemic.

And, we created a Sexual Assault Kit Testing Initiative.  Because of that effort, BCI has tested more than 5,300 rape kits that just sat untested for years — and sometimes decades — on evidence room shelves.  So far, we have charged more than 210 rapists, with hundreds more rape indictments still coming!

As my family gathers tonight, we are reminded that life is short and remember our loved ones who are not on stage with us today: My parents, Dick and Jean.Fran’s father, Bill Struewing. Our daughter, Becky. Our granddaughter, Kathryn Becky.

I promised when you elected me that I would not waste a day — and I make that same promise to you again tonight!

We now have four more years to continue our mission!

Four more years to be bold!

Four more years to be creative!

Four more years to be innovative!

Four more years to rethink how we run state government!

And, four more years to take risks. . . .

To take chances. . . .

To move forward. . . .

To speak out when there is wrong doing. . . .

And, to fight every single day to protect our kids and our families and to build a future that is better than today and an Ohio that is safer and stronger!

I am an optimist.  Fran always says, when you have eight children, you are, by definition, an optimist.  I try to live my life like my father — who embraced every single day and saw each day as an opportunity to make a difference.

I am grateful that Ohioans have given me another four years to make a difference and to serve this great state and its great people.

I am excited about the future and what we can accomplish in the days ahead.  And, as Theodore Roosevelt once said, “. . . the greatest victories are yet to be won — [and] the greatest deeds [are] yet to be done!”

Thank you!


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