Guaranteeing Coverage and Reducing Costs in Healthcare

Mike DeWine has been endorsed by the Ohio State Medical Association PAC for his commitment to protecting coverage and improving health care in Ohio

Mike DeWine has been clear — he supports protecting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. He especially understands that health insurance needs to be there when people need it the most. That includes the traditional Medicaid program, which is designed to take care of the elderly, people with those disabilities, and children primarily. People can count on this safety-net program to be there for them.

When he assumed office in 2011, Attorney General Mike DeWine joined a multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. In taking the action, DeWine cited that Obamacare was a federal overreach because it forced individuals to buy coverage or face financial penalties when filing their taxes. In 2018, Democratic Attorney Generals banded together to politicize the healthcare debate with legal filings which they say is to uphold coverage, but is actually disguised with restoring the individual mandate and the hefty tax penalty that comes with it. That is why many Attorney Generals across the country, including Attorney General Mike DeWine, have not joined these filings that would force people to buy coverage again or face penalties.

In addition to supporting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, the DeWine- Husted administration will keep extended Medicaid coverage for adults and continue to reform the program, find ways to improve it for the people it serves, and make the pro- gram stronger for the future.

Support a reasonable work requirement for individuals on Medicaid Expansion who are healthy and able to work. The DeWine Husted administration support a reasonable work requirement for the adults on the program who are healthy and able to work. It is important to remember that the people covered by Medicaid expansion are adults who earn up to 138% of poverty. The goal of the DeWine-Husted administration is to get these adults work-ready, if they are healthy and able to work, so that they can get into the workplace and into a better way of life.

Today, there are 147,000 jobs available on OhioMeansJobs waiting to be filled. The DeWine-Husted administration will focus on connecting people who are part of the expansion population with job training programs and job opportunities that are available.

Implement a Wellness Program to Improve Health Outcomes. In addition to moving people into a better life, we want to move them to a healthier life. Mike DeWine and Jon Husted will focus on the wellness of people they can effect (state government employees and adults on the Medicaid expansion population) by implementing a wellness program that delivers better results for people. They will require the Medicaid managed care plans to provide education that helps prevent health problems in the first place and improve the well-being of people in the program.

The more that can be done to prevent chronic conditions, the more emergency department usage will decrease because people will get the appropriate care, and we can better control health care spending in the long-run.

In August, Mike DeWine and Jon Husted announced plans to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of health care by implementing a similar, proven program that exists at the largest healthcare system in Ohio. The program encourages participants to meet healthy benchmarks by promoting smoking cessation, health stress management and obtaining a primary care physician.

Create greater transparency and drive down pharmacy costs. Currently, the state contracts with pharmacy middle-men to get us the best deal on prescription drugs, but due to the secrecy around the process, it is very difficult to know if that is actually happening. As Governor, Mike DeWine will strive to get a better deal for taxpayers by creating a more transparent process so that the public knows what these drugs really cost, are getting a fair deal, and not getting ripped off.

Download a full description of Mike DeWine’s Healthcare Plan, that creates an Ohio that works for everyone.