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Husted Makes Campaign Stop Here

Gary Huffenberger | Wilmington News Journal

Jon Husted, standing at left, was in Wilmington at lunchtime Thursday for a meet-and-greet at Generations Pizzeria. Ohio Secretary of State Husted is Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine’s running mate for lieutenant governor.

Clinton County Commissioner Kerry R. Steed, left, was on the job Thursday — his other job as owner and operator of Generations Pizzeria — for a lunchtime campaign stop by GOP lieutenant governor candidate Jon Husted, right.

Chuck Muchmore, seated left foreground, and Fred Kolb, standing right foreground, both of the Clarksville area, chat with Jon Husted, standing center foreground, who is on the Republican ticket as the lieutenant governor running mate of gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine. The occasion on Thursday was a meet-and-greet at Generations Pizzeria in Wilmington. After mingling, Husted gave a short campaign talk. In it he said, “Look, this is the same old fight that it’s always been: A liberal approach to the world or a conservative approach to the world. And when you get right down to it, that’s exactly where this ends up.” One emphasis in his remarks was Ohio Issue 1 on the November ballot, which DeWine opposes and the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray supports. This proposed state constitutional amendment pertains to drugs and criminal justice system policies. Standing in the background speaking with a customer is Generations Pizzeria owner and Clinton County Commissioner Kerry R. Steed.

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