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Husted talks workforce development at Mansfield campaign stop

MANSFIELD — The future of Ohio’s businesses and employees was on the mind of Secretary of State Jon Husted during a campaign stop in Richland County on Wednesday.

As the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor with Mike DeWine, Husted visited PR Machine Works on Wednesday to tout he and DeWine’s new “Ohio Prosperity Plan,” which was officially announced in Cincinnati on Monday.

“When we talk about economic development, it’s about people,” Husted said. “It’s about the American dream.”

Introducing Husted on Wednesday was Ohio Manufacturers’ Association President Eric Burkland and State Representative Mark Romanchuk, who also serves as president of PR Machine Works. Romanchuk praised DeWine and Husted’s business-friendly stance in an increasingly global market.

“Our competitor is not down the street or the next state over, our competitor is in Asia,” Romanchuk said. “We need all the help we can get with regard to regulation, and workforce development is the absolute key. It is the defining issue.”

A number of local elected officials were in attendance, including Commissioner Marilyn John, Sheriff Steve Sheldon, Prosecutor Gary Bishop, and Ontario Mayor Randy Hutchinson.

Also in attendance was Troy Balderson, the Republican congressman-elect who ran against Democrat Danny O’Connor in an extremely close special election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District on Aug. 7. The race has still not officially been called as of Wednesday, as absentee and provisional ballots continue to be counted.

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