Making our state a leader in technology

Innovate Ohio

Technology is changing the way we live and the economy we live in. The people and states that successfully adapt to that change will be the ones that prosper, the states and people who don’t will fall behind. The DeWine-Husted administration is committed to leading an aggressive, innovate path to build a better Ohio.


Innovate Ohio is about how we make state government a more effective and efficient leader in using technology to improve customer service and save tax dollars. In doing so, we make Ohio a state that attracts talent, business, and new investment.

Ohio’s best tech companies and creative entrepreneurs will help modernize state and local government, improve customer service and save tax dollars – which will benefit every Ohioan. The DeWine-Husted Administration will:

Create the SmartOhio Operating System and require state departments to engage in data sharing to improve the efficiency of services across state government and give the capacity to provide for predictive analytics to solve problems before they occur.

Improve procurement by opening up the bidding process to encourage more participation, cheaper costs, more public accountability and integrity, better customer service and also allow local governments to benefit from state pricing.

Modernize paper-to-digital records by using blockchain technology to create secure digital records and improve convenience. Things such as car titles, proof of insurance, vehicle recall notices, and license plates can all be made available as digital records to save taxpayers time, and improve our quality of life. The potential for digital records is even greater in healthcare, where government spends the most money. Government can use predictive analytics of Medicaid data as a way to improve health and wellness and allowing customers to compare prescription drug prices so they can get the best deal.

Create an advisory council of Ohio business and technology leaders to advise the administration on how the state can improve customer service. This will improve the efficiency and quality of public services, saving both time and money. In addition to the suggestions from entrepreneurs, the public is encouraged to submit ideas on how the state can improve the way it delivers services at

Build a first of its kind public/private partnership where the private sector can bring data sharing solutions they create into government to improve the way public services are delivered. This public/private partnership will attract innovative ideas, new investment, create jobs, and support the Ohio businesses of the future.

Create a competition of ideas to support innovative research in healthcare, education, social services, criminal justice, and basic government services like licensing, permits, registrations, record-keeping and procurement.

Additionally, other proposals previously been announced by the DeWine-Husted Campaign that will involve InnovateOhio include:


Modernize technology in Ohio’s classrooms: Too many Ohio classrooms lack the technology that is commonplace in K-12 education today. The DeWine-Husted Administration will establish a program to modernize technology in Ohio’s classrooms, freeing our teachers to spend their time and energy on individual student needs. This will ensure that all of Ohio’s kids have access to the best technology and give them a competitive edge for the future (also see

Make Ohio a leader in computer science and coding: Some Ohio schools lack qualified teachers to teach computer science and coding classes – which are important courses to prepare our kids for the future and expose them to different job opportunities. The DeWine- Husted administration will partner with Ohio’s colleges and universities to develop training and subsidize teachers to become certified computer science educators. Educators who take advantage of the training must commit to teaching at least one remote computer science course to schools who lack a computer science teacher (also see

Design a match-making application that actually connects people seeking work to businesses who are hiring: Instead of relying on job-board style website, the DeWine- Husted administration will partner with the technology community to develop an application supported by the data on that is more consumer- friendly for the modern world (also see

Expand broadband infrastructure across Ohio to make Ohio a frontrunner in mobile edge technologies: Our state cannot be tech-friendly when some people and communities don’t have access to the digital highway that allows them to participate and grow. Understanding the cost involved, the DeWine-Husted administration will work closely with the private sector to expand our broadband infrastructure (also see


Fund the completion of at least 10,000 in-demand industry certificates in order to create and recruit top-notch tech talent, with the commitment they will stay in Ohio and work. There are many quick job training programs at a cheap cost with high job- demand in Ohio. For example, a basic coding degree and a business analytics degree each could take as little as three months to complete at a cost around $600. The DeWine-Husted administration will partner with companies, technical centers and community colleges to provide easy access to job seekers and help bring awareness to these in-demand job opportunities (also see

Change Ohio law so that research done at Ohio’s universities can remain the intellectual property of the researcher, and not the institution. This move will prove Ohio is serious about attracting the best and brightest minds and creating an environment where they can thrive. As a result, Ohio will become a magnet for the most innovative researchers in the world and make our state more attractive for private research investment and entrepreneurial ventures (also see Jobs).


Establish Opportunity Zones for economically-distressed communities: Ohio has the opportunity to bring billions of dollars in private investment to help revitalize communities that need it the most. By conforming Ohio tax law to include the Opportunity Zones established in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, we can provide a brighter future for thousands of Ohioans with better jobs (also, see

Download a full description of Mike DeWine’s Innovative Ohio Plan, that creates an Ohio that works for everyone.