Vision for Ohio’s Future

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted will fight for an Ohio that works for everyone – every person and every family in every corner of our state. We are at a pivotal moment in our state’s history and have the chance to take Ohio to it’s greatest heights. From world class cities to some of the best small towns in America, Mike DeWine and Jon Husted know that to build our state into an economic powerhouse, we must have strong schools, a great quality of life, and compassion for those who need our help.

Ohio will have two leaders in Mike DeWine and Jon Husted who share our values that people, not government, come first. Click below to learn about some of their proposals to make Ohio a place of promise, a place that cares, and a place that works.

Creating Jobs and Prosperity

Our state’s future depends on every Ohioan — whether living in a city, suburb or rural community — gaining the skills he or she needs to find high-wage jobs and a meaningful place in this fast-changing, world competitive economy. The DeWine-Husted administration will work with job creators to pursue bold policies and transform our state into a 21st century economy. 

Overcoming the Drug Problem

Last year, Mike DeWine introduced a 12-point comprehensive action plan to help Ohio overcome the drug problem. DeWine was one of the first Attorney Generals in the country to file a lawsuit against five drug manufacturers alleging that these companies systematically lied to the medical community about whether their products were addictive in order to make billions of dollars selling opioids to Ohioans.

Less Testing and More Affordable College

Every Ohioan deserves a shot at the American Dream, and that begins with a great education. The DeWine-Husted administration will implement less testing and more learning, increase access to technology in schools, ensure students are college ready or job ready with more vocational opportunities, and make the cost of college more affordable by guaranteeing tuition rates. 

Guaranteeing Coverage and Reducing Costs in Healthcare

Endorsed by physicians at the Ohio State Medical Association, Mike DeWine supports protecting coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. The DeWine-Husted administration will keep extended Medicaid coverage and have introduced a plan to continue reforming the program in order to make it work better for the people it serves and save taxpayers dollars. 

Innovating State Government

The DeWine-Husted team has introduced an aggressive plan to make state government a more efficient leader by using technology to improve customer service and save tax dollars. Their plan will make Ohio a state that attracts talent, business, and new investment. 

Prioritizing Early Childhood Development

Too many young people are reaching adulthood without the tools to be self-sufficient, and some kids don’t have the skills to hold jobs or the opportunity to seek better education. Mike DeWine is ready to fight for an Ohio that works for all of our families. That’s why he has introduced a bold plan to give kids the skills they need early in life to succeed.

Keeping Ohio Schools Safe

As educators and school leaders take on more responsibility, the state must step up and provide schools with the resources they need to properly protect their students so they can focus on their primary job – educating Ohio’s kids. The DeWine-Husted administration will take a three-pronged approach to school safety to keep teachers and students safe.

Supporting Law Enforcement

Mike DeWine’s roots are in local government, and he understands the unique needs of the men and women who put their lives on the line each day to keep our families safe.