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Mike DeWine announces “Recovery Ohio” Plan to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Mike DeWine is the only candidate with a plan to fight the opioid crisis.  The Attorney General announced a plan to fight this epidemic on all fronts to save Ohio.  The plan will provide cutting edge tools to local law enforcement, programs to bolster Ohio’s workforce and more prevention efforts to educate Ohioans on the dangers of addiction.

| Download The Plan Here |

Holding the drug companies accountable

Mike DeWine demanded that the drug companies step up and be responsible for their role in fueling the drug epidemic.


Using technology to empower law enforcement to stop drug dealers and drug cartels

Mike DeWine called for creating a high tech data infrastructure for statewide data sharing and state of the art data analytics to help predict crime. DeWine would expand drug task forces that target Mexican drug cartels that are pushing deadly drugs into our state.


Declare a state of emergency and focus all state resources on the problem

Mike DeWine’s plan included a Cabinet-level position with authority to utilize state agencies to fight the opioid epidemic. The plan also includes a change in state law that would give the Governor the ability to declare a public health emergency statewide and allow for distribution of funds and other resources to local entities that are experiencing extreme condition like high overdoes rates. The state of emergency would also allow Ohio to provide a quicker process for licensees of professional in the medical and social worker to get help in area where they need it.


Treatment options to get Ohioans back on their feet

We can’t arrest our way out of the problem. DeWine’s plan would create at least at least 60 more drug courts to help people get back on their feet instead of overcrowding our jails and prisons. The plan would double the treatment capacity in Ohio, so we can provide better treatment to options. And would expand Ohio workforce with specialists to help those affected.


Getting Ohio job creators in the fight

We need everyone to get in the fight, including Ohio jobs creators. Mike DeWine’s plan will empower business to help their workers with substance use disorder to get treatment and stay employed, so they can continue to provide for their family and have the opportunity of living up to their God given potential. With Ohio employers struggle to fulfill jobs because of the opioid crisis, the plan would help Ohio business hire people in recovery by offering employers incentives and reduced risk so we can get more Ohioans Ohio working again.


Prevention through education

We need to get ahead of the problem  Mike DeWine’s plan would implement proven Kindergarten-12th grade drug prevention education in all Ohio schools so children can learn the dangers of drugs.  And Ohio needs to develop a statewide drug prevention media campaign so all Ohioans know the risks and where to get help. Lastly, with Ohio’s foster care system being overloaded by children whose parents are addicted, the plan would expand early intervention programs that target families and children in need.

| Download The Plan Here |

| Download The Plan Here |