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Mike DeWine raised $1 million in 72 hours following his GOP primary win, his campaign says

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Mike DeWine’s campaign for governor raised $1 million in the 72-hour period after he won the Republican nomination last week, his campaign said Monday.

Campaign officials refused to release more detailed information, but said the donations ranged from just $5 to $12,707.79, the maximum contribution allowed for an individual donor under Ohio law. None of the new money came from DeWine himself, the campaign said. Details will be available when candidates file campaign disclosures next month.

The release is a show of financial strength from the DeWine campaign. For comparison, Democratic nominee Richard Cordray raised about $3.3 million during his entire campaign for governor.

Campaign spokesman Josh Eck said he did not know if the Wednesday morning tweet from President Donald Trump congratulating DeWine on his victory was a factor when it came to generating fundraising interest.

“While Democrats take a break from their bruising primary, Republicans across Ohio are united behind Mike DeWine and Jon Husted as the leaders of our party going forward,” Eck said in an emailed statement.

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