Mike Dewine’s “Recovery Ohio” Plan

Mike Dewine’s
“Recovery Ohio” Plan

1: Pass legislation to give the Governor the ability to declare a public health emergency.

2: Create a 21st century law enforcement data sharing and analytics infrastructure for every Ohio law enforcement agency.

3: Expand proven drug task force models to tackle flow of money and drugs from Mexican drug cartels.

4: Create at least 60 more specialized drug courts.

5: Double the substance use treatment capacity in Ohio.

6: Expand workforce of critical specialists.

7: Empower employers to help employees with substance use disorder.

8: Help business owners hire employees in recovery by offering employers incentives and reducing risks.

9: Create a special position reporting directly to the Governor with Cabinet-level authority.

10: Implement proven Kindergarten-12th grade drug prevention education in all Ohio schools.

11: Roll out a statewide drug prevention media campaign.

12: Expanded early intervention programs that target Ohio families and children in foster care.

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