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Ohio Governor’s race preview: Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS — If you asked Mike DeWine to describe Yellow Springs, he’d likely to have told you it is a pretty liberal community, but for many years, he would also have told you it was home.

As a boy, his father would take him fishing and his grandfather would take him out into the fields.

The DeWine family owned a small seed business with about 25 employees. The small business was something DeWine literally grew up with.

He also grew up with the girl would become his wife, Frances.

He says if you want to know about Mike DeWine just ask his wife, she’ll tell you what you want to know.

The way he tells the story, they would go to church on Saturdays and learn the catechism from the nuns.

The pair would eventually marry and have eight children.

DeWine branched out from the seed business and went to law school.

He became a County Prosecutor and eventually found his way into politics.

DeWine is no stranger to victories and losses in the political arena, and through it all, he let his values guide him, values he says were shaped not only by his parents but his children as well.