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Ohio has a bright future with Mike DeWine

On May 8, Republican voters should unquestionably vote for Mike DeWine in the Republican primary for governor.

Here in northwest Ohio, as well as across the state, there are some significant issues that Ohio must solve if we are to take our state and our economy to the next level and ensure that our children and grandchildren have a brighter future.

Mike DeWine is the rock-solid conservative candidate who understands those issues and has a plan to fix them and make Ohio’s future brighter.

We are suffering from an opioid epidemic that is killing 15 Ohioans every day, flooding our foster care system, and costing Ohioans billions every day. Mike DeWine has been a leader, fighting the opioid epidemic as attorney general effectively by partnering with county and local leaders. As governor, Mr. DeWine has a 12-point action plan to accelerate recovery, get people back to work, and drive the drug cartels back to Mexico. To end the opioid epidemic, we need Mike DeWine as governor.

We also need a candidate who understands that a job in Toledo or Bowling Green is just as important as a job in Columbus or Cleveland. Mike DeWine understands better than anyone the importance of jobs, workforce development, and investment in every part of Ohio. Further, Mr. DeWine has worked throughout his career to protect Lake Erie, and he has a plan to reduce burdensome regulations in the state and maximize investments in the energy sector that can help northwest Ohio.

Mike DeWine and Jon Husted are the only candidates in the race who can point to conservative accomplishments. They don’t just talk, they act. Mike DeWine supports building the wall to keep out illegal immigrants and is the only one who has gone to court to support President Trump and his fight to defund sanctuary cities.

Mr. DeWine has been a leader in the pro-life movement his entire career and is the only candidate endorsed by Ohio Right to Life. Both he and Jon Husted have fought to protect and expand Ohioans Second Amendment rights.

I am proud to support Mike DeWine as Ohio’s next governor because he is the best conservative choice who will make Ohio’s future better and protect our families.

Please join me in voting for Mike DeWine on Tuesday, May 8.

Mark Wasylyshyn is the sheriff of Wood County.