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Poll shows DeWine up big

CLEVELAND, Ohio – A new statewide poll of the gubernatorial race shows Attorney General Mike DeWine is running away with the Republican primary.

According to the poll, DeWine currently leads his lone challenger, Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, by a margin of 54-14, with 32 percent of those polled undecided. He leads in every demographic and geographic group by a wide margin, though is only besting Taylor in Toledo by six percentage points.

DeWine’s lead isn’t shocking given past polls and recent developments in the race. The attorney general led several Republican polls in both name identification and support.

Since November, the once seemingly competitive Republican primary field winnowed. Husted, who was DeWine’s top contender, dropped out of the race in November to join DeWine’s ticket as his running mate. Renacci left the race in December to run for U.S. Senate after Treasurer Josh Mandel surprisingly dropped out of the race.

General election

The only general election matchup question that was asked was between Cordray and DeWine and shows bad news for Democrats.

In the head-to-head, DeWine currently leads Cordray 49-28, with 23 percent of respondents unsure.

Part of that could be Ohioans’ response to the question of whether the state was on the right track. Fifty-four percent of respondents said it was, while only 24 percent said the state is heading in the wrong direction.

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