School Safety

Keeping Ohio’s Children and Teachers Safe

Every Ohioan deserves a shot at the American Dream, and that begins with a great education. Too many Ohio students cannot focus on their education because they feel unsafe in their schools or communities, struggle with mental illness, or experience trauma in their home lives. As educators and school leaders take on more and more responsibility, the state must step up and provide schools with the resources they need to properly protect their students so they can focus on their primary job – educating Ohio’s kids.

In an effort to keep our children and teachers safe, the DeWine-Husted administration will take a three-pronged approach to school safety.

Ensure every Ohio school has access to a mental health professional. Suicide has become an epidemic in our country, and some children are experiencing trauma in their home lives making school their most safe haven. The DeWine-Husted administration will ensure every Ohio school has access to a mental health professional. Now, more than ever, we need to find ways to talk to our children and get them the help they need.

Leverage law enforcement data analytics to better intercept threats and prevent tragedies. Ohio has a Strategic Analysis and Information Center (known as the “Fusion Center”) that provides intelligence and threat assessments to Ohio law enforcement. The DeWine-Husted administration will equip the fusion center with current and emerging technology to analyze, investigate, and intercept any threats to Ohio’s children and schools.

Augment Ohio’s background check system and robustly enforce reporting laws.

More than 1,300 law enforcement agencies and courts are required to submit information into Ohio’s background check system. The DeWine-Husted administration will advance the work Mike DeWine has done as Attorney General to build a
21st century, statewide data infrastructure that will ensure we keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others who are prohibited from owning firearms.

BOTTOM LINE: The goal of the DeWine-Husted administration is education excellence in every school, for every student, but this is impossible if our children and teachers are not safe. These proposals, combined with our Preparing Ohio’s Future Plan, are attainable actions for our state that will ensure our teachers and students are safe.

Download a full description of Mike DeWine’s School Safety Plan, that creates an Ohio that works for everyone.